Let's Collaborate!

Hello fellow UPP attendee! Thank you for checking out my site! I hope you are enjoying your custom UPP earrings!

In addition to selling hand-painted watercolor jewelry (and sometimes encaustic art), it's important to me to acknowledge and support women who need a reminder that joy is still out there to be found. 

My fashion jewelry is colorful and often features mismatched earrings, relaxed lines, or clear signs that a piece is hand painted. It's a reminder that when we express ourselves fully and imperfectly, we help keep our inner spark alive and bright. 

If that speaks to you, let's collaborate! 

I'm open to discussing:

  • A guest appearance on your Podcast, which I would transcribe and publish as blog post to help my audience find yours, and give you another back-link for SEO. Here are topics I can talk about:
    • Finding inner peace and joy in the face of burnout
    • Trying to be someone you are not
    • How I used my jewelry business to help me live a more authentic life
    • Tips for other women struggling to be true to themselves while pursuing challenging careers
  • Wholesale opportunities for your boutique or retail location
  • Cross-promoting your non-jewelry products if we have a similar target audience 
  • Mutually beneficial ideas you might have, especially if they are tried and true!